Children Music Training

kid on pianoAs a parent, your first and foremost job is to provide the very best you can for your kids.  You make sure they get the best nutrition, go to the best schools, and have the best birthday parties.  Parents make sure to buy toys with educational purposes. But how do we encourage our musical children?

There are many theories and ideas about what has the greatest impact on а child learning as they grow – perhaps the most interesting of which is music.  Many researchers believe music can help hone creativity and improve learning functions by stimulating а developing brain.

But schools tend to cut back on music, and the economy forces families to change their financial choices. In the end, it is the children who miss the opportunity to discover their personal expression, creativity and God given talent.

At SolarSound, our music coaching program gives children hands-on experience in our studio either recording, engineering, singing, songwriting or playing a musical instrument.

Coaching is designed to help draw the very best out of each individual while helping them to achieve their best work. Mentoring is when we share from our own knowledge and experience to help each develop their God given talent.

How does music help children?

  • Develops children’s language skills
  • Develops children’s self- esteem
  • Develops children’s listening skills
  • Develops math skills
  • Stimulates children’s brain connections
  • Develops children’s creativity

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