Artistes Management

managing artistesArtist management here at SolarSound offers artists/bands of all genres a management team that not only believes in their artist, but also believes in their music.  What gives the SolarSound Artist Management team an edge over many Artist Managers within the Lagos area is our ability to focus strongly on two areas.

•    First, we understand at SolarSound that it is very important for our artists/bands to be our first priority.

•    Second, in order for the management team to fulfill our first focus, we must remain knowledgeable of what is taking place within the industry…REMAINING RELEVANT AT ALL TIMES!!!

Combining these two approaches, we strive to provide a world class service.

In addition to keeping artists/bands relevant, your SolarSound manager’s duties will consist of the following:

•    Booking gigs (local and out of state)
•    Book sessions (vocal or instrumental) and Booking studio time
•    Networking with venues and individuals within the industry about the artist/band
•    Promote demos to radio stations, online radio, social medias, etc
•    Negotiate financial deals between venues, touring expenses, recording, collaboration, etc
•    Exploring various funding opportunities for the artist/band

The above responsibilities are NEVER limited.  We at SolarSound consider ourselves to be more than just a team, but FAMILY!

Artistes We’re Currently Managing


  • Juissy

juissyChristie Zaccheus, A.K.A Juissy, an artist from Lagos, Nigeria where she currently lives. She hails from Ondo state in NIGERIA, a native of Ilaje and Itshekiri. Juissy is from a family of nine and received her degree in Management Science from the University of Education Winneba in Ghana. Her Primary and Secondary education were both received in Lagos, Nigeria. A former employee at a travel agency in Lagos, she found a new path and love in entertaining, making music, and to give happiness to fans through music.

Juissy as known on the stage, is an entrepreneur and business minded person with lots of potential who is currently running an event company in Lagos with one of the most famous and fantastic musically talented members: “Solar Sound Band”.

She and her band perform live music at wedding events, birthday parties; house warming settings, Company conference needs and any other event that has a need for entertainment.

Juissy is an artist with style and fashion, she is now developing her own recording studio in Lagos that is welcoming all other artist
JUISSY loves singing, entertaining and making other peoples’ event come alive and she has made the dreams of many brides come to pass with lots of good memories to share with their loved ones.

She’s wants to make your party entertainment dream come true as well and lives to bring that to all. Click here to watch her music videos on Youtube.