About Us

solarsoundplus-We are a ‘Professional Music entertainer committed to offering great service at an affordable price.  We understand that entertainment at any event can be costly to your budget.  That is why we offer professional entertainment that can be affordable for Hotels and Bars in Lagos. As We strive to make your entertainment at your special venue or event centre just as you want.

Our Mission is to be the foremost provider of happiness experiences in hospitality, through music entertainment with a touch of Africa Music.

Whether you are an international visitor, corporate executive, or quality-conscious person, we want to offer what we coin the “happiness experience.” As Africans, we welcome visitors to our home and extend this attitude by paying attention to detail, not only in the beauty of our band, but in the courteous service we work really hard to deliver..

We  make our customer happy when it comes to music.

All we do is placing of a versatile  musical band that perform all types of music like jazz, country music, folks ,rock music ,blue African music and many more in different languages with standard and style  in hotels, for the relaxation of  guest.